TGR Learning Lab Golf is designed to promote the game of golf, provide golf course access and expose careers in the golf industry to underserved youth. Students gain an understanding of the physics of the golf swing, its kinesthetic movements during the swing and course management strategies that produce lower scores. They build self-confidence and develop positive character traits while learning the game in a safe, supportive environment. We offer golf programs during the school day, after school and on weekends to students of all skill levels. 

Check out the calendar for a complete listing of our golf programs.

Additionally, our Player Development Program builds honesty, integrity and sportsmanship while honing golf knowledge and skills. We take student golfers through three levels of the program: Level 1-Tour Class; Level 2-Players Class; and Level 3-Masters Class. Each level contains progressive goals and milestones for students to reach. 
Golf by the numbers:  

  • 1.1 million golf balls hit  
  • 28,340 students introduced to the game of golf  
  • 2,250 nine hole rounds of golf played  
  • 5,120 golf clubs built and fitted donated to students  
  • 1,415 students have been evaluated for golf skills and knowledge  
  • 113 students obtained Level 3-Masters Class certification   

"This is the best golf program anywhere! It changed my son's life in very significant ways. It encouraged him to improve his schoolwork with the goal of one day, maybe, playing college golf. The TGR Learning Lab golf program improves his skills every time he attends. The lessons are perfectly developed to challenge advanced players as well as beginners. Awesome program! It's exactly what is needed to motivate kids to learn the game while developing fundamental skills toward becoming advanced players. Emphasis is on sportsmanship, academics and developing friendships with thoughtful drills and fun competitions." -TGR Learning Lab Parent, Summer 2014