Earth-friendly tips from the Tiger Woods Foundation's programs team

By Reshma Melwani |
To celebrate Earth Day this year, we've checked in with our programs team based at the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California, and Washington, D.C., to find out just how eco-friendly they are! We've compiled their tips and suggestions, which we hope will get you thinking about different ways to lessen your carbon footprint. READ MORE

Volunteer of the Month: Ashlee Dawson

By Hope Enyart |
From day and after-school STEM programs to college-access workshops and golf lessons, on any given day the TGR Learning Lab is bustling with activity. On average, our Anaheim, California, lab site welcomes over 250 students a day -- that's a whole lot of minds to challenge and characters to build. We're proud of the work we do here, and even prouder of the support system we have in place. Alongside our talented and dedicated employees, we have a robust group of enthusiastic volunteers that help keep our programs running smoothly. Our volunteer program currently has 60 active participants that can be found in our classrooms, at our front desk, on the driving range or in our admin offices. Whether they help out weekly, monthly or a couple times a year, our volunteers are integral and invaluable to what we do. Today, we celebrate our April 2017 Volunteer of the Month Ashlee Dawson. READ MORE

A passion for education

By Katherine Li Smith, UCI News |
Originally published in UCI News on April 17, 2017, reporter Katherine Li Smith profiles David Tong. David, who's been with the Tiger Woods Foundation's TGR Learning Lab for over nine years, is currently the director of TWF's professional development program, TGR EDU: Create. Learn more about David and his role at the lab. READ MORE

Support girls in STEM

By Michelle Kim, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships |
Wrapping up their freshman year at Stanford University, identical twin sisters Erica and Jessica Rivera have always had a deep-seated love for numbers. From as early as fourth grade, the now 19-year-old math majors remember the joy they felt solving math problems in class. READ MORE

What does being a mentor mean?

By Lea Segura |
While participating in student interviews for the Earl Woods Scholar Program recently, one of the most common questions candidates asked was with respect to how our mentor program works. The idea of being matched with a professional mentor who would be an additional support system throughout their four years of college is something most of our scholars not only look forward to but rely on. READ MORE

Highlights from TGR EDU: Create's STEM Seminar

By Reshma Melwani |
By 2018, 8.6 million STEM-related jobs will be created. Within the next decade, that number will only increase. To better prepare students for the workforce of the future, we're focused on providing them with the training, knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in various STEM careers. But that is only part of the equation. In order to successfully educate our students, we must effectively teach our teachers, providing them with the best resources to deliver high quality STEM experiences in their classrooms. Enter TGR EDU: Create's STEM Studio. READ MORE

Behind the lens: The science behind photography

By David Tong |
The thought of being on camera never crossed my mind when I decided to pursue my career in education. I'm very comfortable teaching math concepts, utilizing the latest technology tools in the classroom, and even facilitating a new lesson to a group of passionate teachers. However, taking on the challenge of being filmed for TGR EDU: Explore's first lesson training video was definitely out of my comfort zone. READ MORE

TGR EDU: Explore offers college-access webinar

By Eric Moore |
College exploration and admissions can be an overwhelming and confusing process. But it doesn't have to be! The Tiger Woods Foundation and Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms, are pleased to offer new and free college preparedness resources now available at TGR EDU: Explore. In addition, we're inviting educators, high school counselors, parents and students to join us for a college-access webinar airing live on Tuesday, April 11, at 4 p.m. PST. READ MORE

Scholar Voices: On honoring my family by honoring myself

By Mariah Green |
In this month's Scholar Voices series, we hear from recent Temple University graduate and Earl Woods Scholar alum Mariah Green. Full of ambition and brimming with a deep desire to leave this world better than she found it, Mariah poignantly reflects on the undue responsibility many first-generation students feel to accept high-paying, less-fulfilling career paths in order to support their families. Learn more about Mariah's journey and how she found her path toward living her passion. READ MORE

Blazing trails: In celebration of Women's History Month

By Dr. Katherine Bihr |
A picture showed up on my Facebook feed a few days ago. It was the cover of American Spirit magazine, a publication of the National Daughters of the American Revolution. To celebrate Women's History Month, AS featured a woman's silhouette filled with pictures of women of distinction -- honored by the NDAR for their contributions to American history through music, politics, science, education and more. My face stared back at me. Next to me are pictures of faces, many of them unknown to me, and being curious about how I landed here among them, I decided to research a few. READ MORE

Design, innovate and collaborate in STEM Studio

By David Tong, Director of TGR EDU: Create |
Push pins, meat packing trays, tape, balloons and a straw. Using only these materials, apply Newton's Laws of Motion to design a single balloon rocket car that will travel the furthest distance in a race with other fellow educators. READ MORE

SXSWedu: Provoking thought, affirming commitment

By Dr. Katherine Bihr |
I have had time to breathe now that SXSWedu 2017 is behind me, and I am just as fired up as I was that week. Besides having the opportunity to present the work we do here at the foundation, I was able to sit in on and participate in a variety of exciting exchanges, keynotes and discussions that reinforced why I've dedicated my life's work to education. Here are a few inspiring moments from my experience at SXSWedu that are worth sharing. READ MORE

Donor Spotlight: Matthew A. Troka

By Matthew A. Troka |
In our latest Donor Spotlight feature, we hear from Matt Troka, senior vice president of product and partner management at CDW, a leading provider of technology solutions to business, government, education and healthcare. A FORTUNE 500 company, CDW has been a longtime advocate of the Tiger Woods Foundation, generously supporting our mission of helping students reach and surpass their goals and dreams. READ MORE

Meet Erica & Jessica Rivera: Unexpected Champions

By Reshma Melwani |
In unison, identical twins Erica and Jessica Rivera emphatically declare that mathematics is their passion. They don't know where this love comes from, they say it's organic -- let's say it runs in their matching DNA. From as early as fourth grade, the now 19-year-old sisters remember the joy they felt solving math problems in class. READ MORE

Happy Pi Day!

By Dr. Katherine Bihr |

It's Pi Day. You know, 3.14 or π, an enigma in mathematical circles. A mathematical constant that has no end, seemingly thumbing its nose to definition. Pi gets a lot of fun attention around the world. In fact, last year a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence took place -- Pi Day of the century where the date and time approximated to 10 digits, drawing attention from both classroom teachers to the scientists at NASA. While this year may not be quite as exciting, here are a few fun facts about pi:

  1. Chao Lu holds the world record for remembering the value of pi up to 67,890 digits.
  2. Pi has been the star of TV and film, including "Star Trek," "The Net" and "Pi: Faith in Chaos."
  3. The value of pi has been determined to more than one trillion digits.
  4. Famous birthdays on pi day include Billy Crystal, Quincy Jones and Albert Einstein.
  5. Archimedes (287-212 B.C.) was so furiously calculating pi that he missed the Roman soldiers taking over the Greek city of Syracuse. When the soldiers approached him, he yelled, "Do not touch my circles!" The Roman soldier cut off his head and went on his business.

But mostly pi is significant because of its connection to cycles and all things circular. Consider that the average sinuosity of a river -- the distance of its bends and turns divided from its source to the ocean, is 3.14. Pi is used for TV and radio to optimize signals sent to one's home. Egyptians used pi to construct the pyramids. Pi is used by structural engineers who need to design buildings able to withstand earthquakes. Pi is also involved in the creation of a rainbow. Even the distance one hits a golf ball can be analyzed with pi, as the shoulder turn creates a circular pattern that, when scrutinized, can help the golfer improve distance and score! 

So, welcome Pi Day! Your history and impact on our world is honored today. For me, I'll take a slice of berry pie -- to go. 

Champions of the unexpected

TWF takes SXSWedu

By Reshma Melwani |
Wow, what a week it has been! We're back at the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California, after four exciting days at SXSWedu in Austin, Texas. While we're dealing with some very real brisket taco withdrawal symptoms, we've come back home fueled with fresh ideas and a whole lot of hope for the future of education. READ MORE

Five tips to getting college ready this summer!

By Denisse Jover |
Fun in the sun is sneaking up quickly as summer is almost here. Homework, projects and college can be a thing of the past once that bell rings on the last day of school. But summer is the perfect time for students, particularly high school juniors, to jump-start their college plans and process. READ MORE

Four stars for the Tiger Woods Foundation for the fifth consecutive year

By Reshma Melwani |
For a fifth year in a row, the Tiger Woods Foundation has been awarded a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, America's premier independent charity evaluator. This top distinction applauds our sound fiscal management practices and commitment to accountability and transparency. With only 7 percent of charities awarded the rating five years in a row, we continue to set ourselves apart and outperform most other charities in America. READ MORE

Tiger Woods Foundation heads to SXSWedu

By Dr. Katherine Bihr, VP of Programs and Education |
One of the premier education conferences in the United States is SXSWedu, held annually in Austin, Texas. What once began as a small regional conference designed to celebrate innovations in learning has quickly grown into an international force in education. More than 12,000 people attended last year, where speakers challenged participants to innovate, disrupt and challenge traditional education practice. READ MORE

Dustin Johnson joins the club

By Noah Sharfman |
Weather delays during Rounds 1 and 2 of the 2017 Genesis Open caused unique playing circumstances on Sunday of tournament week. At 7 a.m., Dustin Johnson stepped to the tee at The Riviera Country Club for his third round. READ MORE
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Global Luxury takes over Riviera

By Genesis |
From February 13-19, The Riviera Country Club will be flushed with luxury. Guests of the Genesis Open can enjoy a number of different activations and public spaces designed to honor the game of golf while showcasing the Genesis line of luxury vehicles. The Genesis approach to automotive luxury is different than any other car manufacturer, and the Genesis Open's approach to guests is second to none on the PGA TOUR. READ MORE
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TGR Learning Lab heads to Genesis Open

By Reshma Melwani |
The Tiger Woods Foundation's award-winning STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum will be on display at The Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles this week during the Genesis Open. Families and students attending the tournament from Thursday, Feb. 16, through Sunday, Feb. 19, will be able to engage in unique hands-on learning experiences on the course, while getting a glimpse at the project-based activities that set the flagship TGR Learning Lab apart. READ MORE

Scholar Voices: On being a black physicist

By Yani Udiani |
In this month's Scholar Voices series, we celebrate Black History Month. Today, we hear from our brilliant and ever ambitious Earl Woods Scholar and recent North Carolina State University graduate Yani Udiani. With a bachelor's degree in physics and upcoming plans to begin his Ph.D. program, Yani speaks candidly about blazing a trail for fellow African-American physicists. READ MORE

Donor Spotlight: Mark Costa

By Mark Costa |
Sharing in the Tiger Woods Foundation's passion for helping families and communities thrive, Kaiser Permanente is a generous supporter of TGR EDU: Create, our professional development STEM program benefitting both teachers and students. Today, we speak to Mark Costa, senior vice president and area manager of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan & Hospitals in Orange County, California, who is responsible for the care delivery of more than 530,000 members supported by 7,000 staff and 1,000 Permanente physicians that he leads in partnership with the Orange County Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG). READ MORE

Join us for a live webinar for TGR EDU: Explore

By Reshma Melwani |
The Tiger Woods Foundation and Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms, are pleased to invite middle and high school educators to participate in a live webinar on Tuesday, Feb. 7, at 4 p.m. PST as we showcase TGR EDU: Explore, a new online initiative that supports students in college preparation and high-quality STEM career paths. Best part, it's completely free. Discover what TGR EDU: Explore has to offer you and your students! READ MORE

Winter Workshop: Jamal's journey

By Jamal Adan |
Today, we highlight our final Earl Woods Scholar speech from the Tiger Woods Foundation's Winter Workshop. Time and again, we are reminded that it's our scholars and students -- these resilient kids who overcome the mightiest of obstacles -- that are our truest inspirations. READ MORE

Scholar Voices: Reflections on Winter Workshop

By Claudia Flores |
In today's post, we hear from Claudia Flores, a fourth-year sociology major at UC Berkeley. Despite personal and financial struggles over the years, Claudia never lost sight of her dream of attending and graduating from college. She personifies perseverance. With graduation soon approaching and plans to enter nursing school, Claudia looks back and reflects on her experience as an Earl Woods Scholar and opens up about what she's gained from attending the Tiger Woods Foundation's annual Winter Workshop over the years. READ MORE

Partnering in digital excellence

By Stacie Kronthal, VP, Corporate Education Partnerships, Discovery Education |
When I first experienced the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California, last August, the enormity of the goal before the Discovery Education team became clear. Tiger Woods' vision of digitizing the TGR Learning Lab, then making those resources available to students across the country through a nationwide initiative, was ambitious, to say the least. READ MORE

Build your personal brand with a great LinkedIn profile

By Patrick Dean Hodgson |
A few weeks ago during Winter Workshop at the TGR Learning Lab I had the privilege to speak to a couple dozen Earl Woods Scholars about the importance of LinkedIn. My main goal was to inform them how critical it is to build their personal brand on the platform, especially since 94 percent of recruiters actively vet candidates on LinkedIn. READ MORE

Learning in the 21st century

By Dr. Katherine Bihr |
Several years ago, I attended a conference that focused on learning. More specifically, on the ways that businesses leverage technology for mass training their employees. New models of learning such as asynchronous, synchronous and second life -- a virtual world where users can connect and create content -- were at their infancy and being implemented by many of the corporate elite. I wondered if this could make classroom learning more representative of the important interactions that happen between teacher and student. I remember thinking back to my school administrator days when the incorporation of technology was relegated to placing a few computers in classrooms and labs and creating a schedule for students to stop in for word processing, or for the more adventurous, creating digital pictures and calendars to enhance reports or class presentations. READ MORE

Winter Workshop: Yani's journey

By Yani Udiani |
At the beginning of this month, the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California, was home to the seventh annual Earl Woods Scholar Winter Workshop. Over the course of three days, 64 of our Earl Woods Scholars discussed matters most important to them -- college, careers and overcoming and triumphing over life's obstacles. It was a poignant, important three days for the scholars and TWF staff alike. READ MORE

2017 Forecast

By Rick Singer |
2016 was a monumental year for the Tiger Woods Foundation. While we turned 20, we did so much more than just celebrate. We grew in breadth and scope. From planning and piloting new programmatic initiatives to taking on the Genesis Open at Riviera, 2016 was undoubtedly dedicated to expanding our reach. In fact, the pinnacle of the past year, our 20th anniversary celebration in New York City, was less focused on all we've accomplished over the last two decades, but more precisely served as a launching pad for the many new undertakings we have on the horizon. And with direction from Tiger to expand our reach globally, we've truly begun to take the foundation to new heights. READ MORE

Winter Workshop: James' journey

By James Green |
It was just last week when we kicked off our seventh annual Earl Woods Scholar Program Winter Workshop. Sixty-four of our Earl Woods Scholars traveled to our flagship TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California, and spent three days in seminars, workshops, panel discussions and mock interviews -- all to bolster their success in college and prepare them for the road ahead. READ MORE

Laying the road for 2017

By Reshma Melwani |
2016 was undoubtedly a milestone year for the Tiger Woods Foundation, highlighted by our 20th anniversary. While we certainly looked back at how TWF has evolved over the last two decades, 2016 was marked by a renewed commitment for growth, both from our founder, Tiger Woods, as well as the entire TWF family. Tiger officially launched TGR, a centralized parent brand unifying all of his ventures under one umbrella. And TWF officially announced its digital expansion program, TGR EDU: Digital, through a new partnership with Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms. While 2016 was filled with many exciting ventures and opportunities, 2017 will be our year to drive our goals forward. READ MORE

Introducing TGR EDU: Explore

By Eric Moore |
TGR EDU: Explore is live! Tiger Woods' vision to reach millions of students around the country and around the world -- to create meaningful, positive change through innovative education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and college access -- was the catalyst for the Tiger Woods Foundation to partner with Discovery Education, recognized as a leader in K-12 education, to digitize the experience of the TGR Learning Lab and Earl Woods Scholar Program. Starting Monday, Jan. 9, 2017, students and teachers will be able to access -- for free -- the Tiger Woods Foundation's award-winning curriculum and professional development, no matter where they live. READ MORE

Hexadyne Corporation makes first donation to TWF's Unexpected Champions Fund

By Reshma Melwani |
On the heels of the Tiger Woods Foundation's 20th anniversary, we launched the Unexpected Champions Fund, a campaign aimed at raising $10 million by 2020 in support of breakthrough student transformations. TWF is proud to announce that Hexadyne Corporation is the campaign's first major donor, generously contributing $1 million over the next five years. READ MORE

A Celebration of Unexpected Champions

By Rick Singer |
In our last and final flashback to our 20th anniversary event, "A Celebration of Unexpected Champions," at the iconic New York Public Library, we hear from the Tiger Woods Foundation's President and CEO Rick Singer. Singer took to the stage to remind guests of TWF's 20-year journey, but also to share plans for the future. READ MORE

Top 20 reasons to give to the Tiger Woods Foundation

By Michelle Kim and Jessica Carbajal |
When golfer and philanthropist Tiger Woods launched the Tiger Woods Foundation with his father in 1996, he knew he wanted to leave a lasting impact on kids, their families and their neighborhoods. In the 20 years since, TWF has not only served hundreds of thousands of students, but it's provided kids from under-served communities with opportunities that have radically changed their lives. From innovative, project-based STEM programs offered at TGR Learning Labs across the country, to the many unique, one-to-one college-access workshops within the Earl Woods Scholar Program, TWF has remained steadfast in its promise of offering kids the right resources to ensure lifelong success. In fact, our results are in the numbers. Take a look at the top 20 reasons why you should invest in the Tiger Woods Foundation with a tax-deductible donation. READ MORE

In memoriam of Marcus Edwards: Champion of the unexpected

By Eric Moore |
The TGR Learning Lab -- then known as the Tiger Woods Learning Center -- expanded to Washington, D.C., at the beginning of the 2010-11 school year. At our Capitol Hill site a multitude of events, including Tiger Woods' speaking to the student body at the Cesar Chavez Public Charter School's Capitol Hill campus, preceded our formal opening, and we were anxious to start the year of after-school programming with courses in video production and communications. After months of planning, only one task remained: get students in the building! The very first student to turn in an application to become a member of the TGR Learning Lab was a bright-eyed 10th grader named Marcus Edwards. READ MORE

Donor Appreciation: A year of giving

By Reshma Melwani |
As 2016 comes to a close, the Tiger Woods Foundation looks back and gives thanks to the many people and organizations that have supported the work we do and the lives we transform. Through our 'Donor Appreciation' series this past year, we've had the opportunity to feature a few of our generous advocates and share their stories, both professional and personal. Today, we revisit 2016's selected donors and share highlights from their Q&A's. READ MORE

Celebration of Unexpected Champions: A Scholar's journey to Georgetown University

By Darryl Robinson |
Earl Woods Scholar alum Darryl Robinson's candid and moving speech at the Tiger Woods Foundation's 20th anniversary celebration in New York City this past October had the room swelling with emotion. A true personification of dogged determination, Robinson never abandoned his dream of receiving a college education and a better life, even when obstacles seemed insurmountable at times. In today's post, you'll hear in Robinson's own words exactly why we believe he is a true champion of the unexpected. READ MORE

Action heats up off the course

By Noah Sharfman |
The full experience at the Hero World Challenge extends well beyond the golf course. While a round in the the pro-am and followingsome of the best 18 golfers in the world are highlights of the week at Albany, Bahamas, you must take advantage of the nightlife to truly experience all that tournament week has to offer. READ MORE

Meet Milton Chen: Champion of the unexpected

By Reshma Melwani |
Educational innovator. Elmo Award recipient. Jedi Master. With over four decades in education, Dr. Milton Chen's professional journey is expansive, impressive and definitely entertaining. The author of Education Nation and senior fellow and executive director, emeritus, at The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF), Chen is a leading voice within the educational media landscape and a longtime advocate of the Tiger Woods Foundation. READ MORE

STEMulated minds at work

By Melisa San Agustin |
In order to meet the needs of the increasing number of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs within the next decade, we need students to be exposed to opportunities that exist and provide them with the training, knowledge and skills they need to be successful in these careers. To meet this demand, teachers need to be provided with effective professional development and resources to deliver high quality STEM experiences to their students. With support from the Tiger Woods Foundation's presenting sponsor, Kaiser Permanente, for two days the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California, was transformed into a STEM learning hub where educators had the opportunity to participate in collaborative professional development training in the STEM fields. READ MORE

Celebration of Unexpected Champions: A Scholar's journey to NASA

By Grace Lee |
The Tiger Woods Foundation's 20th anniversary celebration in New York City last month brought together many of our longtime supporters and fellow advocates. While we were able to look back at what we've achieved, our "Celebration of Unexpected Champions" also gave us an opportunity to highlight the accomplishments of all our students and scholars. During the evening's program, guests met three exemplary Earl Woods Scholars whose inspiring stories of courage and fortitude captivated the room. In today's post, you'll read South Korean immigrant and UC Berkeley graduate Grace Lee's moving speech about the uncertainty she and her family faced, and how she never let fear hold her back from achieving her dreams. READ MORE

Going global with TGR EDU: Explore

By Eric Moore |
Since inception, the TGR Learning Lab has transformed how students learn through innovative, hands-on approaches to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education, connecting what they do in school to real-world careers and opportunities. With an increased emphasis on high-quality STEM professional development, the TGR Learning Lab has expanded its effort -- via engaging workshops held coast-to-coast -- to help teachers and educators create meaningful learning opportunities for the students they serve. This type of work ensures that more students are exposed to life-changing experiences, with the end goal of creating a nationwide movement to transform communities through education. READ MORE

Celebration of Unexpected Champions: An Earl Woods Scholar's journey

By Stephanie Navarrete |
Last month, at the Tiger Woods Foundation's "Celebration of Unexpected Champions," we not only celebrated the work we've done over the years, but more importantly, we welcomed to the stage three inspiring Earl Woods Scholars to share their stories of grit and perseverance. They are the reason we do what we do. In today's post, you'll read D.C. native and Syracuse University graduate Stephanie Navarrete's moving speech about the many obstacles she faced and overcame throughout her time at college. READ MORE

Tiger Woods: Champion of the unexpected

By Reshma Melwani |
October has been a momentous month for Tiger Woods, thus it's only fitting we point a spotlight on the man of the hour. As his educational nonprofit, the Tiger Woods Foundation, celebrated its 20th anniversary with an inspiring celebration at the New York Public Library, Woods unveiled the next chapter of his storied career with the arrival of TGR. A centralized parent brand that will join and strengthen Woods' current and future endeavors, TGR marks a broadening of scope for the professional golfer and philanthropist. Along with news of the rebrand, Woods announced the foundation's exciting partnership with educational powerhouse Discovery Education. The union will propel Woods' goal of helping millions of kids worldwide through an expansive new digital platform. It's clear from what's ahead, Woods has set the bar high for his second chapter. And in a sit-down interview, he candidly reminds us that while golf is his passion, helping the world, one student at a time, is his lifelong mission. READ MORE

Tiger Woods Foundation announces new partnership with Discovery Education

By Reshma Melwani |
The Tiger Woods Foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary last week. To mark the momentous milestone, golfer and philanthropist Tiger Woods hosted "A Celebration of Unexpected Champions," at the iconic New York Public Library on Oct. 20. Woods was joined onstage by preeminent journalist and news anchor Charlie Rose and NIKE, Inc. co-founder and visionary Phil Knight for a candid conversation about the past, present and future of TWF. The evening not only highlighted the past two decades of transformative assistance TWF has brought to thousands of underserved students, but during the event, Woods officially announced TWF's new and exciting partnership with Discovery Education. READ MORE

Donor Spotlight: Jonathan Orszag

By Reshma Melwani |
A longtime supporter of the foundation, economist Jonathan Orszag officially joined the board of directors of the Tiger Woods Foundation in 2012. Currently, Orszag serves as the senior managing director and member of the Executive Committee of Compass Lexecon, LLC, an economic consulting firm he co-founded. Early in Orszag's career, he served as an economic policy advisor on President Bill Clinton's National Economic Council. Within the private sector, he has handled a number of high-profile mergers, including Orbitz/Expedia, Office Max/Office Depot and Delta/Northwest. READ MORE

Scholar Voices: Fighting to end campus racism

By Felix Lee |
Earl Woods Scholar and Boston College sophomore Felix Lee writes in to our college voices series this month offering a very real glimpse at the current racial tensions affecting students of color on many college campuses across the U.S. Lee chronicles his own experience partaking in "Blackout," a peaceful protest at Boston College and explains how his involvement with the movement has shaped him for the better and awakened his desire to continue the fight for social justice. READ MORE

In memory of Marcus

By Tiger Woods |
The recent passing of our former student, Marcus Edwards, has hit all of us hard at the foundation. As we continue to grapple with his sudden and tragic death, Tiger has shared words of encouragement with his staff. And in turn, we share them with you -- all of our supporters and fellow advocates who stand with us to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to rise above their circumstances and succeed in life. READ MORE

TWF's All-Star VPs

By Reshma Melwani |
Providing exceptional work requires working with exceptional people. Here at the Tiger Woods Foundation, we are fortunate to have a team of stellar VPs who have made it their personal and professional mission to help students reach their full potential. Whether they execute our many events and fundraisers, cultivate relationships with donors and sponsors, oversee our business development or develop and implement new curriculum, our VPs are opening doors for thousands of students. Get to know these leaders and learn why they love doing what they do! READ MORE

Meet Bill Borges: Champion of the unexpected

By Reshma Melwani |
Where Bill Borges has come from and where he is today are two very different places. His story is one of sheer perseverance. The son of California natives, Borges grew up in a working class neighborhood in Anaheim, California. His parents, neither of whom completed high school, both worked hard at local grocery stores to provide for the family. The eldest of three siblings and a self-proclaimed "egghead," Borges realized very early on that education was his ticket out of his circumstances. And as a mentor to the Tiger Woods Foundation's Earl Woods Scholars, he's been passionate about taking what he's learned over the last 67 years and passing it on to his mentees so that they too can reach for more. READ MORE

What TWF's 20th anniversary celebration means to me: Kathy's journey

By Kathy Bihr |
This summer marked my 12-year anniversary with the Tiger Woods Foundation, and as I reflect on how we've grown and where we're going, I am not only flooded with so many good memories, but I'm brimming with excitement about our future. As I think about the impact of our 20-year history, I am drawn to a few key moments that have not only shaped my experience but made countless lives richer. READ MORE

Back to school: Celebrating our teachers

By Reshma Melwani |
School is back in session and with a new academic year ahead of us, what better time to showcase our dedicated team of educators. Hailing from the Tiger Woods Learning Centers in both Anaheim, California, and Washington, D.C., our learning facilitators use innovative STEM curriculum to offer their students a unique learning experience every time they enter the classroom. They not only embody the spirit of our hands-on, inquiry-based programs, but they bring the programs to life. Meet our remarkable teachers and learn more about what fuels their passion for educating. READ MORE

Importance of the right people

By Mehrab Sarwar |
I owe a lot to the Tiger Woods Foundation. I work as a program coordinator for the Earl Woods Scholarship Program, and recently relocated to Washington, D.C., as we expand our reach. I'm not just thankful to them for my job, but for also introducing me to so many people that would end up being an instrumental force in creating positive and meaningful growth in my life. READ MORE

What TWF's 20th anniversary celebration means to me

By Rick Singer |
I love big celebrations. No matter the reason, they are an opportunity to spend time with friends and family, reflecting on great things that have happened in our lives. And we have a special one coming up. On Oct. 20 at The New York Public Library, we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Tiger Woods Foundation. It's going to be quite the party. We have 400 guests attending to help Tiger and our team celebrate 20 years of critically important work helping underserved kids seek a better future. READ MORE

Donor Spotlight: Josie Liu

By Josie Liu |
Starting as a team member for a State Farm agent in 1999, Josie Liu climbed to the top to become an agency field leader for State Farm Insurance. With great success, she leads an agency sales team of 40 independent contractor agents and their respective teams as they meet customer needs and increase market growth and penetration of State Farm products in Orange County East, California. As a way of giving back to the community, State Farm has been a generous supporter of Tiger Woods Foundation's STEM Studio professional development teacher training program. In her own words, Liu reveals why she firmly believes in being generous and serving others. READ MORE

Interning in India: My summer with the Akshaya Patra Foundation

By Alicia Frausto |
This past year Claremont McKenna College rising senior and Earl Woods Scholar Alicia Frausto had the unique experience of living and learning in four different countries. While each locale shaped Frausto in many different ways, today she shares details about her summer internship in Bangalore, India. The months she spent as a communications intern at the Akshaya Patra Foundation not only broadened her skill set, but gave Frausto personal confirmation to continue to follow through with her passion of studying international education reform. READ MORE

DECISIVE ANALYTICS welcomes a new class of Big Data Analytics interns

By Laura Turpin and Mary Clark |
Along with financial assistance, the Earl Woods Scholarship Program assists college students in securing internships in their career-related fields. Today we hear from DECISIVE ANALYTICS Corporation (DAC), which has been a dedicated internship provider to our scholars looking to focus in software engineering work. Through their hands-on internship program, DECISIVE ANALYTICS offers students the opportunity to execute projects from top to bottom, giving them a wide range of exposure to all aspects of the industry. To date, DAC boasts five full-time employee-owners who began as interns, highlighting the value and importance of internships. READ MORE

Tiger Woods Learning Center fall program preview

By Gyla Bell, Eric Moore and Nick Novak |
Tiger Woods Learning Centers (TWLC) across the nation are gearing up for their fall programming to begin. Students will participate in hands-on learning experiences that provide them with the skills and tools needed to pursue a potential career in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Here is a glimpse of what our sites are offering this fall. READ MORE

The New York Public Library: A beacon of learning plays host to TWF's 20-year celebration

By Monique Anderson |
(Photo: Christian Oth Studios)
Throughout its 100-year history, The New York Public Library (NYPL) has been a beacon of learning and education for all -- a sentiment shared by the Tiger Woods Foundation. It's fitting that this national historic landmark is home to our 20th anniversary event, "A Celebration of Unexpected Champions." On Oct. 20, Tiger Woods, along with distinguished guests and friends of the Tiger Woods Foundation, will come together at the iconic library to not only celebrate our supporters and scholars, but to share our plans to reach millions of children in the coming years. READ MORE

Meet Grace Lee: An unexpected champion

By Reshma Melwani |
Yeon Jin Lee was given the name Grace by her English tutor in Seoul, South Korea. Not only did the name stick, but without a doubt, it's defining. Showing tremendous grace under pressure is something Lee has grown accustomed to for the past 15 years, as she's lived and studied in the United States in a constant state of financial and residential uncertainty. READ MORE

Living and learning in Beijing

By Joanna Cheung |
Earl Woods Scholar Joanna Cheung spent the summer in China, not only exploring the land but participating in a six-week internship with tech startup Beijing Lehome Information and Technology. From her cultural excursions with her fellow cohort of Scholars, to her time spent learning within Beijing's technology industry, Cheung shares the new and memorable experiences that she will surely take with her for years to come. READ MORE

The mentorship movement: Anaheim's AIME brings opportunity to students and business

By Mayor Tom Tait |
It is hard to find a more inspiring mentor than Earl Woods. A decorated Army veteran, Woods played a pivotal role in the groundbreaking golf career of his son, Tiger Woods, by passing along his love of the game and mentoring his son into the greatest golfer of his era. So when city, education and business leaders in Anaheim set out to create a student mentoring program in 2014, we didn't have to go far for inspiration. READ MORE

Nike co-founder Phil Knight joins anniversary celebration lineup

By Reshma Melwani |
The Tiger Woods Foundation's 20th anniversary party, "A Celebration of Unexpected Champions," promises to be a night highlighting trailblazers and icons. To add to our growing list of luminaries, the Tiger Woods Foundation is pleased to announce that NIKE, Inc. co-founder and visionary Phil Knight will be a featured guest at the Oct. 20 celebration at the famed New York Public Library in New York City. Knight will join event host Tiger Woods and fellow guest, broadcast journalist Charlie Rose, on stage for an intimate conversation focusing on philanthropy. READ MORE

Vote now for TWF at SXSWedu®

By Katherine Bihr, Ed. D. |
For 20 years, we've been equipping students with the ability to exceed any and all expectations. Now we have the opportunity to share our vision on one of education's largest platforms: SXSWedu®. The Tiger Woods Foundation has submitted six presentation ideas for a four-day conference in Austin, Texas, for educators and education innovators. READ MORE

My surprising internship at the Tiger Woods Foundation

By Gabrielle Ivie |
The French translation of the timeless quote attributed to Julius Caesar, "I came, I saw, I conquered," was boldly displayed in sparkly gold and silver letters on my graduation cap: "J'ai venu, j'ai vu, j'ai vaincu." For over a decade, I have approached every challenge and obstacle with this mindset, including my internship at the Tiger Woods Foundation. From submitting my resume and the interview process to present day, I have grown immensely as a professional and as an individual thanks to the unlimited opportunities I was afforded by this organization. READ MORE

The benefits of internships

By Katherine Bihr, Ed. D. |
As the summer months turn to fall, recent college graduates continue to pound the pavement looking for employment. Although the job market seems to be more open than it was a few years ago, there are still challenges to overcome for the young worker. To gain an advantage we strongly recommend our scholars seek internships throughout their college career. In some cases, these experiences have led to offers of full-time employment after graduation. However, the most essential takeaway from an internship, we believe, is the personal confirmation that the path chosen is one where there is interest and passion. READ MORE

Meet the inspirational emcees of our 20th anniversary celebration

By Marci Gentzkow |
Glitz and glamour, red carpet illuminated by camera flashes, luminaries ascending the steps of an iconic institution. The Tiger Woods Foundation's historic anniversary celebration promises to deliver all of these things, as one may expect given the magnitude of the milestone -- 20 years -- the influence of our founder and the splendor of New York City. But as with all things TWF, there is greater purpose behind the pomp. READ MORE

Conquering college admissions: My experience with College Bound Academy

By Isaura Castro |
Concerned, daunted and perplexed; that was the way I felt after my junior year of high school. From an early age, I found myself fascinated by the idea of being able to grow up and become someone of my choice. However, being both an undocumented and first-generation student, it was difficult for me to go through the process on my own. Thankfully, all of these thoughts and emotions had changed just in time for senior year. READ MORE

Meet Dr. Sue Johnson: Champion of the unexpected

By Reshma Melwani |
In another few weeks, students and teachers will be heading back to school to begin another academic year. But for Dr. Sue Johnson, heading back to school is more of a homecoming than a job requirement. Since she was a little girl, the classroom has always been home to Johnson. READ MORE

Donor Spotlight: Bob Winegard

By Bob Winegard |
Founder of Imagen Records Bob Winegard began his successful career as engineer in the tech sector before crossing over into the music industry. A longtime friend of the Tiger Woods Foundation since 2007, he has served as a donor and event sponsor throughout the years. His support for the foundation extends to our Earl Woods Scholars with Winegard sponsoring five of our D.C. scholars though their college journey. In an interview with TWF, Winegard opens up about the experiences that have shaped him. READ MORE

TWF welcomes five students from the Czech Republic

By Mehrab Sarwar |
This summer, through the sponsorship of the Drab Foundation, the Tiger Woods Foundation was able to host five students from the Czech Republic to participate in a two-week program focused on the U.S. college and university systems. Hailing from the city of Prague, these high school students not only had the opportunity to participate in cultural excursions, college visits and workshops to gain an understanding of the U.S. college admissions process, but they were able to partake in the High School Summer Academy where they experienced hands-on STEM workshops at the Tiger Woods Learning Center. READ MORE

Scholar Voices: My eye-opening journey through China

By Efosa Erhunmwunse |
Fourteen of our Earl Woods Scholars had the pleasure of traveling to China this summer on a 10-day excursion that took them to Beijing and Shanghai. The once-in-a-lifetime experience, hosted by Ourgame, parent company of the World Poker Tour©, was the first time many of the students had traveled outside of the United States. For Efosa Erhunmwunse, a rising junior at Ithaca College, the experience was life-changing. From participating in a three-legged race with school children to standing 263 feet above the ground, Erhunmwunse's time in China was unforgettable. READ MORE

Charlie Rose to co-host TWF's 20th anniversary celebration

By Reshma Melwani |
The Tiger Woods Foundation is excited to announce that preeminent journalist and news anchor Charlie Rose will co-host the Tiger Woods Foundation's 20th anniversary celebration at the iconic New York Public Library in New York City on Oct. 20, 2016. Rose will join host Tiger Woods on stage for a candid conversation about the past, present and future of TWF. The evening's Celebration of Unexpected Champions promises to be an incredible red-carpet event filled with celebrities, athletes and luminaries. READ MORE

Scholar Voices: How China broadened my worldview

By Alondra Contreras |
Fourteen of our Earl Woods Scholars had the pleasure of traveling to China this summer on an 11-day excursion that took them to Beijing and Shanghai. The once-in-a-lifetime experience, hosted by Ourgame, parent company of the World Poker Tour©, was the first time many of the students had traveled outside of the United States. For Alondra Contreras, a rising junior at Whitman College, the experience was life-changing. Contreras shares with us the magnificent sights, flavors and cultural experiences she encountered throughout her journey. READ MORE

Daughters of the American Revolution honor TWF's Dr. Katherine Bihr

By Reshma Melwani |
On the heels of America's Independence Day, Tiger Woods Foundation gives three cheers to our very own patriot Dr. Katherine Bihr, vice president of programs and education. On May 18, Bihr was the recipient of the Daughters of the American Revolution's Women in History Award, presented by the John Greenleaf Whittier Chapter at the Friendly Hills Country Club in Whittier, California. Bihr joins the ranks of several famous recipients including Rosa Parks. READ MORE

A look at the TWF Scholars' 11-day journey in China

By Leticia Calvillo |
This summer, 14 fortunate scholars received the opportunity to have what could easily be the most memorable summer experience of their lives. After over a year of planning, the Earl Woods Scholars were welcomed to Beijing and Shanghai for an all-expenses paid trip courtesy of Ourgame, parent company to the World Poker Tour®. READ MORE

CEO reflects on two years at TWF

By Rick Singer |
This month marks my second anniversary as the CEO of the Tiger Woods Foundation, and as with all great experiences, the time has moved incredibly fast. Before joining TWF, I had a wonderful career working in advertising, sports marketing, the NBA and IBM. I learned so much along the way that when I came to TWF I knew I had to focus on four key ingredients for our success. READ MORE

Meet Adam Pliska: Champion of the unexpected

By Reshma Melwani |
If we summed up Adam Pliska by his greatest accomplishments, some might think the stars were perfectly aligned for him. Not only is he a self-taught musician, but by the age of 16 the young Pliska was also a successful entrepreneur, selling personalized towels and T-shirts to local high schools. With a film degree from USC, Pliska crafted a high-profile career as a producer in Hollywood, mentored by none other than the legendary Al Burton. With a J.D. from UC Berkeley School of Law, Pliska landed an externship with famed judge Alex Kozinski, who presided over the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. And at the age of 44, Pliska, who lives comfortably with his wife in their custom-built home in Newport Beach, California, currently sits as the president and CEO of the World Poker Tour, where he oversees a multi-million dollar organization. READ MORE

Sponsor Spotlight: Bill Emerson

By Bill Emerson |
Serving as the CEO of Quicken Loans Inc., Bill Emerson is responsible for the leadership and growth of the nation's second largest retail mortgage lender. The Detroit-based company employs 15,000 team members and was ranked No. 5 on FORTUNE magazine's annual "100 Best Companies to Work For" list in 2016. READ MORE

A note of thanks to our generous donors

By Jessica Carbajal |
Donors, sponsors, stakeholders, contributors, grantors or investors. There are many names for the philanthropically devoted individuals and corporations who believe in the innovative programs of the Tiger Woods Foundation and generously give to support our work. For every gift and sponsorship TWF receives, there is a unique story tied to the contribution. Whether it is a successful business entrepreneur who overcame his impoverished childhood to build an empire from scratch and wants to give deserving youth the chance to pursue their college dreams, or a leading aerospace corporation that recognizes that without a prepared and dedicated workforce they will not remain globally competitive in the future, our donors have many reasons for contributing to our cause. READ MORE

Top 10 reasons our 20th anniversary party can't be missed!

By Marci Gentzkow |
(Photo: Christian Oth Studios)
Tiger and his foundation will take New York City on Oct. 20, 2016. This monumental 20th anniversary event is sure to go down in history books. Here are the top 10 reasons why you won't want to miss this celebration of unexpected champions! READ MORE

Donor Spotlight: Edward Machir

By Edward Machir |
With an impressive tenure as a CPA and partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers spanning 35 years, Edward Machir joined the Tiger Woods Foundation's Board of Directors in 2013, where he currently serves on the Audit Committee. A graduate of Georgetown University and an ardent supporter of the Earl Woods Scholarship Program, Machir has dedicated much of his time over the years as an EWSP mentor to two fellow Georgetown University students. Recently retired, he continues to share his wealth of knowledge and years of expertise in auditing and accounting with students as a professor in practice at the McDonough School of Business at his alma mater. In a Q&A with TWF, Machir offers a glimpse into his world and the people and experiences that have shaped him. READ MORE

Four stars for the Tiger Woods Foundation

By Reshma Melwani |
With 20 years in the education game, the Tiger Woods Foundation has remained steadfast in its goal of educating and guiding future generations of innovators, creators and leaders. We strive for our own professional excellence so that we may deliver opportunities to our students that allow them to rise to their full potential. We set our business bar high so that our scholars may shine bright in this competitive marketplace. We push ourselves to surpass our own executive goals so that we can intrinsically impart on our kids the unrelenting drive required to be the catalyst for change in this world. READ MORE

Donor Spotlight: Danny Conway

By Danny Conway |
Tech entrepreneur and philanthropist Danny Conway joined the Tiger Woods Foundation's board in 2014 and brought with him unlimited insights and guidance. With an impressive run at some of Silicon Valley's most successful startups, including Facebook, Airtime and Snocap, Conway currently manages TechFellow Fund, an investment program to honor those who make great innovation happen. His passion for nurturing the innovators of tomorrow extends to our very own Earl Woods Scholars, as he sets out to begin his new role as a mentor. In a Q&A with TWF, Conway offers a snapshot into his world, and the people and experiences that have shaped him. READ MORE

Tiger Woods Foundation to host PGA TOUR's Hyundai-sponsored tournament in Los Angeles

The PGA TOUR announced today that the Tiger Woods Foundation will become the new host organization of the TOUR's historic tournament at Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles. Tiger Woods, who grew up in the Los Angeles area and whose foundation is headquartered in nearby Irvine, California, is expanding his commitment to his native California by serving as the host and becoming actively involved in the tournament. The transition follows the recent announcement that Hyundai Motor America will become the tournament's title sponsor, also beginning with the 2017 event. PGA TOUR Championship Management has operated the tournament since 2009. READ MORE

Join us to celebrate 20 years of breakthrough transformations

By Marci Gentzkow |
(Photo: Roey Yohai Photography)
For 20 years, the Tiger Woods Foundation has equipped students with the ability to exceed any and all expectations. To help mark this momentous anniversary, the man behind the vision, Tiger Woods, will host an unforgettable evening at the iconic New York Public Library. READ MORE

My top three memories of the Tiger Woods Foundation staff retreat

By Patrick Dean Hodgson |
How many of you have ever felt indifferent or cringed when upper management announces the annual staff retreat? If you're like me, then you know this type of employee engagement can be hit or miss. A faction of the organization may find themselves feeling forced into meaningless conversations and rah-rah speeches, whereas another group could find value in positive team-building exercises. As one of the new faces at the Tiger Woods Foundation, I wondered on which side of the aisle our retreat would land. Within hours my curiosity was satisfied. Our gathering was very memorable and more than a hit event. I'm here to share with you three of my favorite memories from that awe-inspiring week. READ MORE