Earth-friendly tips from the Tiger Woods Foundation's programs team

By Reshma Melwani |
To celebrate Earth Day this year, we've checked in with our programs team based at the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California, and Washington, D.C., to find out just how eco-friendly they are! We've compiled their tips and suggestions, which we hope will get you thinking about different ways to lessen your carbon footprint. READ MORE

Volunteer of the Month: Ashlee Dawson

By Hope Enyart |
From day and after-school STEM programs to college-access workshops and golf lessons, on any given day the TGR Learning Lab is bustling with activity. On average, our Anaheim, California, lab site welcomes over 250 students a day -- that's a whole lot of minds to challenge and characters to build. We're proud of the work we do here, and even prouder of the support system we have in place. Alongside our talented and dedicated employees, we have a robust group of enthusiastic volunteers that help keep our programs running smoothly. Our volunteer program currently has 60 active participants that can be found in our classrooms, at our front desk, on the driving range or in our admin offices. Whether they help out weekly, monthly or a couple times a year, our volunteers are integral and invaluable to what we do. Today, we celebrate our April 2017 Volunteer of the Month Ashlee Dawson. READ MORE

A passion for education

By Katherine Li Smith, UCI News |
Originally published in UCI News on April 17, 2017, reporter Katherine Li Smith profiles David Tong. David, who's been with the Tiger Woods Foundation's TGR Learning Lab for over nine years, is currently the director of TWF's professional development program, TGR EDU: Create. Learn more about David and his role at the lab. READ MORE

Support girls in STEM

By Michelle Kim, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships |
Wrapping up their freshman year at Stanford University, identical twin sisters Erica and Jessica Rivera have always had a deep-seated love for numbers. From as early as fourth grade, the now 19-year-old math majors remember the joy they felt solving math problems in class. READ MORE

Meet Erica & Jessica Rivera: Unexpected Champions

By Reshma Melwani |
In unison, identical twins Erica and Jessica Rivera emphatically declare that mathematics is their passion. They don't know where this love comes from, they say it's organic -- let's say it runs in their matching DNA. From as early as fourth grade, the now 19-year-old sisters remember the joy they felt solving math problems in class. READ MORE

Happy Pi Day!

By Dr. Katherine Bihr |

It's Pi Day. You know, 3.14 or π, an enigma in mathematical circles. A mathematical constant that has no end, seemingly thumbing its nose to definition. Pi gets a lot of fun attention around the world. In fact, last year a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence took place -- Pi Day of the century where the date and time approximated to 10 digits, drawing attention from both classroom teachers to the scientists at NASA. While this year may not be quite as exciting, here are a few fun facts about pi:

  1. Chao Lu holds the world record for remembering the value of pi up to 67,890 digits.
  2. Pi has been the star of TV and film, including "Star Trek," "The Net" and "Pi: Faith in Chaos."
  3. The value of pi has been determined to more than one trillion digits.
  4. Famous birthdays on pi day include Billy Crystal, Quincy Jones and Albert Einstein.
  5. Archimedes (287-212 B.C.) was so furiously calculating pi that he missed the Roman soldiers taking over the Greek city of Syracuse. When the soldiers approached him, he yelled, "Do not touch my circles!" The Roman soldier cut off his head and went on his business.

But mostly pi is significant because of its connection to cycles and all things circular. Consider that the average sinuosity of a river -- the distance of its bends and turns divided from its source to the ocean, is 3.14. Pi is used for TV and radio to optimize signals sent to one's home. Egyptians used pi to construct the pyramids. Pi is used by structural engineers who need to design buildings able to withstand earthquakes. Pi is also involved in the creation of a rainbow. Even the distance one hits a golf ball can be analyzed with pi, as the shoulder turn creates a circular pattern that, when scrutinized, can help the golfer improve distance and score! 

So, welcome Pi Day! Your history and impact on our world is honored today. For me, I'll take a slice of berry pie -- to go. 

Champions of the unexpected

Tiger Woods Foundation heads to SXSWedu

By Dr. Katherine Bihr, VP of Programs and Education |
One of the premier education conferences in the United States is SXSWedu, held annually in Austin, Texas. What once began as a small regional conference designed to celebrate innovations in learning has quickly grown into an international force in education. More than 12,000 people attended last year, where speakers challenged participants to innovate, disrupt and challenge traditional education practice. READ MORE
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TGR Learning Lab heads to Genesis Open

By Reshma Melwani |
The Tiger Woods Foundation's award-winning STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum will be on display at The Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles this week during the Genesis Open. Families and students attending the tournament from Thursday, Feb. 16, through Sunday, Feb. 19, will be able to engage in unique hands-on learning experiences on the course, while getting a glimpse at the project-based activities that set the flagship TGR Learning Lab apart. READ MORE

Join us for a live webinar for TGR EDU: Explore

By Reshma Melwani |
The Tiger Woods Foundation and Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms, are pleased to invite middle and high school educators to participate in a live webinar on Tuesday, Feb. 7, at 4 p.m. PST as we showcase TGR EDU: Explore, a new online initiative that supports students in college preparation and high-quality STEM career paths. Best part, it's completely free. Discover what TGR EDU: Explore has to offer you and your students! READ MORE

Partnering in digital excellence

By Stacie Kronthal, VP, Corporate Education Partnerships, Discovery Education |
When I first experienced the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California, last August, the enormity of the goal before the Discovery Education team became clear. Tiger Woods' vision of digitizing the TGR Learning Lab, then making those resources available to students across the country through a nationwide initiative, was ambitious, to say the least. READ MORE

Build your personal brand with a great LinkedIn profile

By Patrick Dean Hodgson |
A few weeks ago during Winter Workshop at the TGR Learning Lab I had the privilege to speak to a couple dozen Earl Woods Scholars about the importance of LinkedIn. My main goal was to inform them how critical it is to build their personal brand on the platform, especially since 94 percent of recruiters actively vet candidates on LinkedIn. READ MORE

Learning in the 21st century

By Dr. Katherine Bihr |
Several years ago, I attended a conference that focused on learning. More specifically, on the ways that businesses leverage technology for mass training their employees. New models of learning such as asynchronous, synchronous and second life -- a virtual world where users can connect and create content -- were at their infancy and being implemented by many of the corporate elite. I wondered if this could make classroom learning more representative of the important interactions that happen between teacher and student. I remember thinking back to my school administrator days when the incorporation of technology was relegated to placing a few computers in classrooms and labs and creating a schedule for students to stop in for word processing, or for the more adventurous, creating digital pictures and calendars to enhance reports or class presentations. READ MORE

Introducing TGR EDU: Explore

By Eric Moore |
TGR EDU: Explore is live! Tiger Woods' vision to reach millions of students around the country and around the world -- to create meaningful, positive change through innovative education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and college access -- was the catalyst for the Tiger Woods Foundation to partner with Discovery Education, recognized as a leader in K-12 education, to digitize the experience of the TGR Learning Lab and Earl Woods Scholar Program. Starting Monday, Jan. 9, 2017, students and teachers will be able to access -- for free -- the Tiger Woods Foundation's award-winning curriculum and professional development, no matter where they live. READ MORE

Flashback: TGR Learning Lab expands to Florida

By Emily Taylor |
Through a partnership with Murray Middle School, the foundation began offering its STEM-based, college-access programs to Florida students in 2011. The core curriculum utilized technology to explore careers in science and engineering. In addition, TWF pre-college activities were integrated to support student interests. But best of all, this satellite location brought the foundation's hands-on, technology-rich approach to planning for college and a rewarding career. READ MORE

Donor Appreciation: A year of giving

By Reshma Melwani |
As 2016 comes to a close, the Tiger Woods Foundation looks back and gives thanks to the many people and organizations that have supported the work we do and the lives we transform. Through our 'Donor Appreciation' series this past year, we've had the opportunity to feature a few of our generous advocates and share their stories, both professional and personal. Today, we revisit 2016's selected donors and share highlights from their Q&A's. READ MORE

Meet Milton Chen: Champion of the unexpected

By Reshma Melwani |
Educational innovator. Elmo Award recipient. Jedi Master. With over four decades in education, Dr. Milton Chen's professional journey is expansive, impressive and definitely entertaining. The author of Education Nation and senior fellow and executive director, emeritus, at The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF), Chen is a leading voice within the educational media landscape and a longtime advocate of the Tiger Woods Foundation. READ MORE

The challenging education and technology gap

By Patrick Dean Hodgson |
Something exciting is happening right now. The rapid rise of technology is disrupting industries across the globe. The world's largest taxi company (Uber) owns no vehicles; the most valuable retailer (Alibaba) has no inventory; and the world's most popular media owner (Facebook) creates no content. While most sectors seem to be embracing change driven by technology, some remain stuck in the mud. The biggest offender, perhaps, is education. READ MORE

STEMulated minds at work

By Melisa San Agustin |
In order to meet the needs of the increasing number of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs within the next decade, we need students to be exposed to opportunities that exist and provide them with the training, knowledge and skills they need to be successful in these careers. To meet this demand, teachers need to be provided with effective professional development and resources to deliver high quality STEM experiences to their students. With support from the Tiger Woods Foundation's presenting sponsor, Kaiser Permanente, for two days the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California, was transformed into a STEM learning hub where educators had the opportunity to participate in collaborative professional development training in the STEM fields. READ MORE