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TWLC-FL forensics student tells of Tiger's visit

Shantanu Jakhete enjoys sharing his learning experience with TWF founder
Seventh-grader Shantanu Jakhete (right) helps Tiger identify his fingerprint type. Seventh-grader Shantanu Jakhete (right) helps Tiger identify his fingerprint type.

My name is Shantanu Jakhete, and I am in seventh grade at Murray Middle School in Stuart, Fla. I applied for the Tiger Woods Learning Center because I like science, and forensic science is cool.

After we finished the course, we taught the eighth graders how to fingerprint. First, they learned the background and history of fingerprinting and then we separated into small groups. Each student taught the eighth graders how to fingerprint and then once they got the hang of it, we put our fingerprints on a paper and identified which type of fingerprint we have. It felt different teaching the eighth graders, because usually they are the ones who teach us, but for a change, we were the teachers.

When Tiger Woods walked into the lab, nobody recognized him at first, but somebody said, "Hey, that's Tiger Woods!" and everyone became excited. The people in my group started asking, "We actually get to meet him? Can I shake hands with him?" Tiger Woods walked around, talked to everyone and saw their work. The closer he got to our table, the more excited everyone got.

At last, when he came to our group, he asked us what fingerprint we all have. We showed him our fingerprints and how they matched. Then he asked, "I wonder what fingerprint I have?

"It looks like this one," he said, pointing to one of the types on the identification paper, and everyone agreed on that.

It was nice of him to visit and take his time to see his learning center. It felt cool to meet the same person who goes on the golf course and wins prizes and championships.

I really enjoyed the program, and now every time I see NCIS or CSI, I don't wonder what exactly they're doing, how they're doing it, or why they do some of the stuff they do. It was a good learning experience. I would definitely recommend the program to someone, but it takes a commitment to come every day and keep up with it. Tiger Woods not only taught us forensics but also to work in a group together, to get along and just to have fun.

Most of the activities we took notes on, so we knew the history and background behind it, and then we got directions of how to do it properly. Most of the activities were the same ones you would find on CSI or NCIS. My favorite activities were the wanted posters that we did on the FACES program on the laptops, fingerprinting and the break-in of the TWLC bandit. Overall, Tiger Woods Forensics is a very nice program that is fun and educational.